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Dissapointed in the new Vaccines release, the hooks that made the debut so good appear to have disappeared.  On a plus note, the new TDCC album has picked up where the band left off and, although I have only heard the album once, i’m already a fan.

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David Bowie
The Secret Life of Arabia


David Bowie gets his second induction into the Sunday Sermons Hall of Fame with Heroes, the second record in the so-called Berlin trilogy.  Heroes was preceded by Low, which was inducted back in the early days of the Sermons, and it’s inclusion here is somewhat inspired by a simple stroll around Berlin yesterday, led by the fine folks at Feeling Gloomy.  

The Berlin Bowie walk takes in some of Bowie’s old haunts around the West of the city where he lived for three years between 1976 and 1979.  Starting in Neukölln which Bowie wrote about, but famously misspelt Neukoln on Heroes, we swiftly passed by his old flat where he lived with wife and Iggy Pop (whose The Idiot may well get its own sermon soon) and the bar he enjoyed his coffee and whisky (and who knows what else) and finally ended at the Hansa studios right by the line of the Wall, near Potsdamer Platz.

It was at the Hansa studios that he recorded Heroes - the only record in the trilogy entirely written and recorded in Berlin.  The album itself is a definitive and beguiling record, thematically diverse and known for redefining art rock for many and inspiring generations of bands.  It is full of references to life in Berlin at the time and the Krautrock influences that initially drew him to the city.  It contains brooding instrumental and labyrinthine tracks contrasted with classic Bowie stompers like The Beauty and the Beast and hits its pinacle with the famous title track.  

DISCLOSURE: Most facts here shamelessly stolen from Mike, our humble and obliging guide.

Part of the Sunday Sermons series.